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Price Fr. €1840

 6TH – 16TH JUNE, 2018

(10 nights)

 Flight Ex Dublin







Depart From: DUBLIN
Departure Date: 06 Jun 2018 - 16 Jun 2018
Duration: 10NTS
Destination: HOLY LAND


To visit the Holy Land is probably a dream that every Christian cherishes,

to pay honour to the Son of God in the places where he lived, worked and died. It is a remarkable sign of living faith of the Church that this tradition

of pilgrimages to the Holy places, far from declining in the course of two thousand years has grown ever more rapidly. No place has such sacred associations and our pilgrimage will take you in the Footsteps of Our Lord visiting all the shrines and bringing alive the Gospel story. The programme

is carefully arranged to ensure that all aspects of the pilgrimage

compliment and enrich your discovery of the sites so closely associated

with Biblical history and the life of Christ.


Regardless of Geography, Jerusalem stands in the centre of the world, in the eyes of all those who love and revere here as the holy City, weighed down

by a long and torturous history, wept and prayed over by countless generations.  Of the four hills on which it is built, the holiest is Mount

Moriah, on which the splendid Dome of the Rock stands today.  Here, tradition has it, the Patriarch Abraham prepared to sacrifice his only son

Isaac.  King David conquered it some seven hundred years later and made

it the capital of his kingdom.  His Son, Solomon built the first Temple on

the legendary site of the sacrificial altar.  In the following centuries the city was attacked and destroyed by successive invading hordes of Assyrians, Babylonians and Greeks.  It was retaken for Israel by the Hasmoneans in

the second century BCE.  The Temple was rebuild by King Herod under whom it reached its zenith of grandeur, only to be destroyed by the Roman conquerors who razed the city. 


Bethlehem is located just 5 miles from Jerusalem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ.  One of the oldest surviving churches in Bethlehem is the Church of the Nativity.  Built over a grotto it is believed to be the site where the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus.  Close to Manger Square lies the Milk Grotto.  This is where Mary, St. Joseph and Baby Jesus took refuge from Herod’s soldiers while fleeing to Egypt. 


Tiberias is located in north eastern Israel.  It is one of the lowest lying towns in the world.  It was founded in AD 20 by Herod Antipas and named for the Roman emperor Tiberius.  After the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70 it became a centre of Jewish learning and later the seat of the Sanhedrin and rabbinical schools.  The modern town was refounded under

the British mandate in 1922 and became part of independent Israel in 1948.  Historic sites include the tomb of the great Jewish scholar Moses Maimonides. 


Netanya is a  city which is situated 30 kilometres north of Tel Aviv.  

 Cost Per Person: To be advised. 



Our Hotels are as follows:

  6th – 7th June:    (1 night) King Solomon Hotel Netanya or similar.

  7th – 10th June:  (3 nights) Restal Hotel Tiberias or similar.

10th – 12th June:  (2 nights) Manger Square Hotel Bethlehem or similar.

12th – 16th June:  (4 nights) Yehuda Hotel Jerusalem or similar.

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